Candle + playlist to say ‘I love me’

Candle + playlist to say ‘I love me’

Feb 06, 2022Inés vom Schemm

We have created the most magical experience, merging music and scent in a candle, to put the spotlight on the importance of celebrating self-love on Valentine's Day.

Whether you are single, in love with a partner, in a situationship or in a relationship that you would not even know how to begin to explain... the best Valentine's Day plan comes hand in hand with Scandle

We are so used to Valentine's Day revolving around couples, that we have forgotten the most important love that exists, self-love. We want to remind you the importance of being in love with oneself. After all, we are our eternal love story. 


We know you have thought of ideas of plans you would love to do. What would you be doing for your significant other? Preparing a dinner date, cooking for them or ordering takeout? Watching a romantic movie with candy and popcorn? Having a long warm relaxing bath or jacuzzi if you are that fancy? Whatever you would be doing for them, do it for you! 

Our best selling candles with playlists revolve around the importance of loving and caring about you, and we have taken it as a sign. Your perfect day plan will be guided by your preferred candle choice. 'Priority: Time for Me' is the epithet of self-love, it contains quality time alone to let you feel and enjoy your own company. Whereas, ‘Relax & Recharge’ will give you the time and space to recharge your energy and reconnect with yourself.  


We all need more self love in our routine, is there a better plan than one that involves lighting a candle and listening to good music? Are you trying to have a relaxing day or are you taking this opportunity to make yourself you number one priority?

Our scented candles with curated playlists are thought to create the perfect moments to get to know yourself more profoundly and be mindful of your self-worth. Whatever plan you decide on, whether it is aimed to invest time in your hobbies and nurture yourself as you do with those around you or you take it as a time to unwind and protect your energy, our two candles make your perfect companion. 

In our pursuit to inspire the appreciation of these little moments, we have launched the customization of our candles to make them even more special. Now you can design the custom label to create a candle specially made for you and your desired self-love Valentine’s plan. We encourage you to write a message that gives you an extra dose of confidence and/or choose to listen to the music that makes you happier.


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