Scandle recommends podcasts

Scandle recommends podcasts

Feb 10, 2022Inés vom Schemm

15 podcasts inspired by the #scandlexperience

Our love for Spotify is unquestionable, we are obsessed and our screen times are just the proof of the extent it reaches. We love it for obvious reasons, our playlists. BUT, we have a little confession to make… our Spotify Wrapped last year said we are in the 0,5% listeners of our favourite podcasts worldwide. And that is something.

We know you have listened to the playlist that comes with your candle probably one thousand times. We have made it our mission to find some new Spotify finds for you to enjoy while your Scandle is burning. We are as avid listeners of podcasts as music lovers, so we wanted to extend the #scandlexperience.

And… We did. 

We have curated the ultimate list (at least as of Februrary 2022) of our favourite podcasts for you! Aware, as we are, of our Spanish and English speaking babes, we have chosen a few options in both languages so no one feels left out. 


For our hot girls that make it a priority to have me-time, we have chosen For You From Eve by Olivia Eve Shabo (EN) centred around conversations about self-love and overcoming the pressures of life.

In the same spectrum, our ‘Relax & Recharge’ choice is closely tied to self-love but in a new perspective: mental health. It’s necessary to take care of our minds as we do our bodies and this podcast is a super helpful guidance to improve and focus on having a healthy mind (obviously, no need to say, it does not replace therapy). We selected Entiende Tu Mente (ES).

Our most romantic candle had to be tied to the most romantic podcast we listen to. Modern Love (EN), inspired by the column with the same name by The New York Times, narrates the most romantic, real and heartwarming stories.

The mindset of appreciation for the simple things restarts every morning while you enjoy the first sip of your coffee. So, we have chosen a news reporting (very) short podcast that puts you up to speed and keeps you well informed to go on with your day knowing what’s up in the world. Our fave is Informativo Matinal by Ángel Martín (ES).

If you are as talkative as we are and you adore your transcendental conversations with your friends you are a ‘Chilled Music, Great Talks’ person. As much as we love to reflect on life, we love hearing others do it too. Here is our pick: No Tiene Nombre (ES). The best combination between deep life-changing conversations and lighthearted chats.

As a woman founded small business we are kind of obsessed with entrepreneurship, girls supporting girls and the new ways of social media. ‘Creative Minds’ are much more than being an artist or a writer, creativity penetrates into all aspects of life, business is no less. We love hearing Making Moves with TK (EN) as a dose of motivation and inspiration. 

Last but definitely not least, if you are in for the long run and focused on your progress we thought of two podcasts to keep your mind off things and just relax for a little bit. Our choice is Acontece Que No Es Poco (ES) a lightweight yet educational. We promise it will keep you engaged.

These are our favourite podcasts. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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