Help / FAQs

These are a few of the most common questions we get. If you need more help don't be shy, get in touch! We love emails. 

We're here for you Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.


Are your candles vegan?

Scandle is vegan! We use 100% vegetable wax, scented oils and cotton wicks. 

Are your candles tested on animals?

No! All candles are cruelty free. 

How do I find out what’s in the products? Are your candles clean?

Our candles are clean burning as they are made out of soy! We are petroleum free meaning they do not produce soot while burning or release other toxic and harmful chemicals. 

What is the expiry date of your products?

As our candles are hand-poured fresh in small batches and we do not use any preservatives, they have a shelf life of typically 12-18 months. Keep the candles away from direct sunlight and store at room/cool temperature to prolong the shelf-life.

What size are the candles?

We currently offer one size. Our candles are poured in cylindrical vessels made out of glass. Each one is filled with 300 g (10.5 OZ) of wax with a burn time up to 50h. PS. Burn time directly depends on the care you take of your candles, to enjoy them for as long as possible check our candle care tips!

How strong are the scents?

Just like every person is unique, every one of our candles are too! The strongness of the scent depends on the candle you choose. If you want info on a certain candle, take a look at the product details.

How can I get the most out of my Scandle? What are your tips for candle care perfection?

We have perfected a list of candle care tips just for you, check it out and maximize your experience! 

Where can I purchase Scandle products?

We believe the experience of buying a candle at a store is unbeatable so… we want you to feel and smell our candles in person. We have an up to date stocklist on our website where you can find your nearest store! If we are not in your city/country let us know and we will do our best to be!

Do you offer samples of your product?

Yes! We are working on having 30g testers of every one of our candles for our retailers to gift.


Where can I contact you to have Scandle in my store?

Submit your proposal in our form at Become a Retailer or shoot us an email to if you have any questions regarding sales.

Are you associated with any wholesale platforms?

Yes! We usually work with Ankor Store. Visit our profile.

Do you have a minimum order amount/quantity?

Yes! Our minimum order is 150€ (without VAT).

Where do you ship to? Do you ship Worldwide? 

We currently ship within Europe. If the country where you are requesting delivery to is not on our shipping list, please feel free to get in touch at and we will try and assess your situation.

* Due to Brexit, we currently do not ship to the United Kingdom. 

Do I have to pay customs or import duties?

If you placed an order within the EU, you will not have to pay custom fees to receive your order. If you placed an order from outside the EU, it is possible that you need to pay custom fees. This depends on the customs laws in your country. 

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are variable depending on the order and the delivery address, they will be announced in the proforma before payment.

Delivery times vary from 2 to 5 days.

How can I return/exchange an item?

Exchanges or returns are not accepted, except in the case of defect.


What can I customize a Scandle for?

Any and every event or occasion you may think of. We usually do it for corporate gifts, events or press releases, marketing...

Do I have to be a company?

No! We can customize a candle for your wedding, birthday or any event you may have. But, take into account our minimum orders.

What elements of a candle can I customize?

We offer the option to create the most personal Scandle experience by customizing the text and playlist on the back our candles.

Can I customize the candle scent to my liking?

We do offer the option to customize scent to create a one of a kind candle just for your special occasion. If you are interested in this option you may get inspiration from recent our work for Etnia Barcelona.

We don't offer scent customization of our own curated candles since every fragrance mix is perfectly selected and measured to evoke our desired experiences.

Where can I reach you if I'm interested?

If you have any more questions, need more information or want to order a personalized batch, please, contact us at Or, if you are already decided on what you want, you can also submit an order in our Gifting form.

Do you have a minimum order amount/quantity?

Yes! We can't do it for less than 50 candles. The more you order the cheaper it will be.