Scandle Unplugged

Scandle recommends podcasts
Feb 10, 2022
We are Spotify fanatics! Music, podcasts... doesn't matter. Here are 15 of our favourite podcasts inspired by the #scandlexperience.

Clean Burning Candles 101
Feb 08, 2022
As with everything in life, some candles are better than others. Here's what to consider when buying a new candle to make sure is clean burning.

Candle + playlist to say ‘I love me’
Feb 06, 2022
We united candles + playlists into the most perfect plan to put the spotlight on the importance of celebrating self-love on Valentine's Day.

12 ways to do self-care
Feb 04, 2022
A collection of our go-to plans for when we are craving a self-care and self-love moment.