Live the Scandle experience to the fullest. Each candle comes with a Spotify playlist. Don’t miss it and play it everytime you light your candle. 

Don’t worry, we are gonna guide you through it.


1. Open the Spotify App

Spotify codes work only through the Spotify App. Make sure to have the Spotify App downloaded in your smartphone.  Available in your App store or Play store.


2. Go to the Spotify Search section

Once inside the app go to the search section located at the bottom of the screen. Select the camera icon next to the searching bar.


3. Scan the Code

Point your camera at the Spotify code in the back of your candle. Make sure the whole code fits in the screen.


4. Enjoy your playlist

There you go! You will be redirected automatically to a special playlist made for you. Make sure to have your candle lighten up and relax, and enjoy the experience.

 Choose the one that matches your mood and share your #ScandleMoment