How to scan your candle

Live the Scandle Experience to the fullest.

Our candles are conceptualized to be lived through our senses, built on music and smell to create the most perfect moments & powerful memories.

Each candle comes with a curated Spotify playlist meant to be played everytime you light your candle. Do not worry we are here so you don’t miss on your escapade just because you don’t know how to scan your candle. We are going to guide you through it.

1. Open the Spotify App

Spotify codes work only through the Spotify App. Make sure to have the app downloaded on your smartphone, available on your App Store or Play Store.


2. Go to the Spotify Search section

Once inside the app, go to the search section located at the bottom center of the screen. This page should show a camera icon next to the searching bar at the top right of the screen, click.



3. Scan the Code

Point your camera directly at the Spotify code in the back of your candle. Make sure the whole code fits perfectly on the screen.


4. Enjoy your playlist

There you go! In just a few seconds, you will be redirected automatically to a special playlist made for you. Make sure to have your candle burning, relax and enjoy the experience.


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